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How To Make A Simple Baby Skirt

I recently got my hands on an old Jones sewing machine and decided to learn how to make baby clothes. Not only has this helped Alice’s wardrobe grow but has also been hugely fulfilling for me being so productive! I’m a very crafty and creative person so I find it very had to do nothing in my spare time… Since having a go at making baby clothes I’ve realised how easy it can be!

Because of all the cool fabric I’ve been buying, people have been asking to buy the skirts already! I’m excited to actually try my creations on a real baby but also really looking forward to seeing Alice wear them!

Here’s a quick and easy step by step for a simple skater skirt…

  1. Cut your fabric (I use cotton) into two pieces 15 inches wide by desired length +2.5 inches for bottom hem seam allowance. I use these measurements for 0-3 months baby with an extra stretchy elastic but you can make for any age by measuring the waist. Don’t forget to add 1 inch for side seam allowance!
  2. With fabric right way up (as if the skirt is inside out) use a straight stitch to sew along 1/2 inch from side seams, then trim to 1/4 inch and press seams flat.
  3. Fold and press bottom hem by 1/4 inch, then fold again by 1/2 inch, press and sew all the way around using a zig zag stitch.
  4. By now you have something that looks like a very wide skirt, we just need to add the waistband!
  5. Similar to step 3, fold and press top waist by 1/4 inch then by another 1 inch. Sew with zigzag stitch leaving a gap 2-3 inches wide to insert the elastic waist band.
  6. Cut elastic to desired length of baby’s waist +1inch for affixing. 13inches should be good for an average newborn.
  7. Using a safety pin at the top of the elastic, feed through the casing you’ve just made
  8. Once waistband is fully inserted, stitch ends together and close waist casing finishing with the zig zag stitch!

If you’re feeling extra adventurous you could add pockets or even straps to make a dungaree style dress like I did with my first one. For this I attached the straps to the inside on the back and then made button holes. You could just as easily attach velcro or poppers.

I like to make a matching headband for baby and Mama too seems as I love wearing bandanas.


*** As with all new baby clothes, wash on gentle cycle before first wear ***

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. I hope you enjoy having a go for yourself, let me know if you have any questions or need help!

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